3rd Annual Event

July 29, 2017

The White Knucklerz RC for Local Sick Children hosted Our 3rd Annual John Rothwell Memorial Ride & Hot Rod Run on July 29, 2017…

We had the pleasure of sponsoring 4 Amazing Sick children for this years event…

Ari – Cystic Fibrosis ; Luka – Cystic Fibrosis ; Chloe – Cystic Fibrosis ;

Tai – Brain Stem Glioma ;

This year we travelled east along the beautiful shores of the St. Lawrence River to Lancaster …. We headed north til we reached County Road # 18 where we turned west then followed the # 18 as we travelled throughout the countryside to Osnabruck Centre… We then turned south heading to Ingleside as we headed to the Long Sault Parkway before making our way back to Cornwall ….

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