4th Annual Event

White Knucklerz RC for Local Sick Children ; 4th Annual John Rothwell Memorial ; Motorcycle Ride & Hot Rod Event ; Saturday July 28, 2018 ; 527 A Pitt Street, Cornwall.



This Year’s Event will be Bigger Than Ever … keep watch on FaceBook for UpDates…

We would like to introduce to the Community the 3 Amazing Children who we will be sponsoring for this years event :

Sean : Short Bowel Syndrome

SeanStandingTall (2)


Alaya :  Li РFraumeni Syndrome



Liam : Ulcerative Colitis

20180310_171218 (2)


Just got confirmation that DJ “Steve” Barkley from Soundtastic Productions DJ Services will be Blasting Your Favorite Tunes at this years Event ūüôā ¬† Saturday July 28th


The Route :

We ¬†will ¬†line ¬†up ¬†on ¬†6th Street ¬†and ¬†head ¬†to ¬†Marlbourgh Street , ¬†turn right ¬†and proceed ¬†to ¬†Montreal Rd… ¬† We ¬†will ¬†then ¬†turn ¬†left ¬†and ¬†travel ¬† Hwy ¬†# 2 ¬† along ¬†the Beautiful ¬†Shores ¬†of ¬†the ¬†St. Lawrence ¬†River ¬†on ¬†our ¬†way ¬†to ¬† Lancaster ¬†for ¬†a ¬†brief stop ( bathroom / gas ) …

We ¬†Will ¬†ALL ¬†Regroup … at Tim Horton’s …

We ¬†will ¬†then ¬†proceed ¬†north ¬†turning ¬†left ¬†onto ¬†County Rd ¬†# 17 ¬†and ¬†travel ¬†to Williamstown , ¬†turning ¬†right ¬†at ¬†the ¬†stop ¬†sign. ¬†Traveling ¬†on County Rd ¬†# 19 ¬†we ¬†will turn ¬†right ¬†on County Rd ¬†# 18 ¬†and ¬†proceed ¬†to ¬†the ¬† St. ¬†Raphel’s ¬†Ruins . ¬† (We will take 20 minutes to stretch our legs and take pictures).

The  entire  group  will  head  west  to  Martintown  turning  right  onto  County Rd  # 20 and proceed to Hwy  # 43.  We  will  turn  left  and  travel  through  the  beautiful countryside  to  Finch  where  we  will  turn  left  just  before  the  flashing  light  onto County Rd  # 12  then  County  # 14  and  proceed  to  Ingleside  and  Hwy  # 2.

We will then turn into the  St. Lawrence Parkway  (20 minute stop bathroom break ).

We  will  then  follow  the   Parkway   back  out  onto  Hwy  # 2 ,  heading  back  by  Vincent Massey , 13th Street , Pitt Street

We will arrive back at the White Knucklerz RC Clubhouse for an afternoon packed full of Prizes , Community Bar B. Q. , Celebrity Guests and Music by DJ ‘Steve’ from Soundtastic…


Thank You to ” DND Memory Creations ” for Donating this Memorable Pillow :


Thank You to “Drop Dead Thread” for Donating 3 @ T-Shirts for the Amazing Children who we are sponsoring and 1 for Our Annual Event …


Thank You to Pauline Xanthou Photography for Donating the Group Photo :


Pictures from Our 4th Annual Event :



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